What are the 7 principles of teaching?

What are the 7 principles of teaching?

The general principles followed by the teachers to teach their students are known as principles of teaching.

There are 7 principles of teaching

• Principle of Definite Aim

• Principle of Activity

• Principle of Motivation and Interest

• Principle of Co-operation

• Principle of Creativity and Recreation

• Principle of Suggestiveness

• Principle of Progressiveness

What are the 7 principles of teaching?

Here is the brief discussion of  7 principles of teaching;

1-Principle of Definite Aim

The principle of definite aim says that there should be definite aim when teacher is going to teach their students because without aim and lecture preparation teacher would not be able to deliver lecture with proper knowledge to their students. So teacher have a definite aim and is ready with proper knowledge to teach the students.

If teacher not prepare lecture then students can not gain proper knowledge and this think start to confuse the students. If there is no definite aim then best lesson delivered by the aimless teacher fail to achieve its objectives. So principle of definite aim is helpful for both teacher and student. Principle of definite aim also play an important role to make the teaching and learning process effective , interesting , definite and precise.

2-Principle of Activity

Principle of activity is that students would be physically active in class. If students are not participate actively in class then teaching become ineffective. That’s why students would be physically active in the class it would be more useful for their learning but if they not participate physically in the class then they can not obtain knowledge effectively.

Children learn more through self- activity but the only condition is that activity based on their psychologically sound so that they can learn their best through this activity. As the children feel easy in activity so they should teach through activity teaching methods.

As if someone get knowledge through activity it remains life time in his mind that’s why there should be focus on activity based teaching so that the children’s get knowledge to improve their self.

3-Principle of Motivation or Interest

To make teaching and learning process successful the principle of motivation is necessary. If students are motivated for lesson then you can say that half battle is won. In other words motivation play the role as petrol that is required to drive the mental engine of student.

Motivation play an important role to make teaching and learning process more effective. If once you motivate the students then they become mentally attentive and as a result learning process become more effective. So it is very important for the teachers that they motivate the students for those subject that they want to teach their students.

4-Principle of Co-operation

The Co-operation is main factor that make the teaching and learning process effective. If there is no Co-operation between students and teacher then it is very bad point. That’s why teacher should plan his teaching in such a way that during the lecture teacher should ask the question to the students and students should also ask questions to the teacher. The class atmosphere can be made Co-operative if students are involve in class discussion and other activities of class.

5-Priciple of Creativity and Recreation

Principle of Creativity and Recreation says that teaching should not be continued as a routine affairs. Teacher should teach the students in new ways so that they can enjoy and learn their best. Teaching in new ways also make the students creative and they become able to teach the obtain knowledge . Creative teaching is a source of pleasure to the students.

6-Principle of Suggestiveness

Principle of suggestion says that if someone wants to make the teaching good then it should suggest to their students. Teacher can suggest books, notes and activities to make the learning progress better. Suggestion helps of students to make Co-operation secure. It is not habit of good teachers to give order to their students. The teachers only give suggestions to their students and as a return students obey these suggestions. Hence in order to make teaching and learning process successful, teacher can give suggestions to their students for doing a thing or not.

7-Principle of Progressiveness

Principle of Progressiveness says that teaching process should be progressive. Teacher should concerned with the progress of students in the development process of their interests, attitude, ideas, information, skills and abilities and development process of habits of action and thoughts.

Good teachers try their best to improve the students learning. Teachers always try to teach their students in such teaching methods that they can easily understand and show their progress. Good teaching play an important role in development process of students learning.

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