What is the simple meaning of curriculum?

What is the simple meaning of curriculum?

There is no fixed meaning of the word curriculum but curriculum meaning can be understand by following concepts;

What is the simple meaning of curriculum?

Etymological meaning of curriculum

As the word curriculum show the word 'currer' which means to run. So the word curriculum meaning is “ to run a programme or course”.

Traditional meaning of curriculum

During the educational system of Anglo-Saxon curriculum traditionally refers to what the pupil will be taught with a particular focus on content, objectives, descriptions and methods of other pedagogical arrangements.

The German tradition describe curriculum meaning as a program of study it means that curriculum is a content in the form of a subject or area of study that is taught in the classroom.

General meaning of curriculum

Generally curriculum meaning is that curriculum is a ground which the students and their teacher cover in order to obtain the goal of curriculum.

Modern meaning of curriculum

Curriculum meaning is describe modernly as curriculum is a process meant to help the students so that they can live in present world and they can build the future world for new generation to live.

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