difference between measurement assessment and evaluation

Difference between measurement assessment and evaluation

The difference between measurement assessment and evaluation is that measurements are used only to collect data in quantitative terms and assessment is used to interpret this numerical data and at the last this interpreted data is evaluated by evaluation process. Measurement provides data in numeric, assessment may be in both terms qualitative term and quantitative term but evaluation is expressed as written comments. Measurement clear that how much performed the student but assessment interpret this data then evaluation clear that how good performed by the student.

difference between measurement assessment and evaluation


Measurement is the process that is used to obtain a numerical data about the particular characteristics of a student or curriculum or teacher.

• Measurement give answers the question “How much?” it means that measurements clear that an individual (student/teacher/curriculum) possess how much characteristics

• Measurements are expressed only in quantitative terms

• Measurement is concerned with testing and examination process it means that tests and examinations are tools of measurement to obtain numerical data about the performance of students

• Collection of data is main purpose of measurement

• Measurements are used to describe instructional outcomes quantitatively it means that the outcomes obtained after the test or examination of students are described numerically

• Measurements are used to describe a situation not all the incident

• Measurement is important element/component of evaluation

• Measurement is not broaded concept it means that it is limited and basic concept

• Measurement provides data in numeric

• Measurement provides data in percentage


Assessment is the systematic process of interpretation of measurement numerical data.

• Assessment is used to assign a mark, a grade, a rank or qualitative comment to the student after interpretation of numerical data about its performance

• The assigning of mark may be quantitative or qualitative

• Students marks percentage or quantitative amount may be expressed as pass or fail or B – level or passing grade


The collection,analyzation and interpretation of information about the performance of students to determine the extent to which students are achieving objectives.

• Evaluation give answers the question “How good “ it means that in test or examination students show how good performance

• Evaluation includes quantitative and qualitative descriptions;

(I) Quantitative description of a mark of students is (90/100)

(II) Qualitative description of marks of students may be distinction between marks of students or may be credit

(III) Evaluation also includes value judgement ( Abid is making good progress in math)

• Evaluation is part of whole process of education

• The main purpose of evaluation is to evaluate the interpreted data

• Evaluation is continuous process because it covers all the aspects of student achievement in an educational programme

• Evaluation is used to judge the value or worth of an individual in educational programme

• It is not only basic concept it means that it is a broaded and vast concept

• Evaluation process consists of measurement and non measurement techniques

• Evaluation is used to interpret numeric

• Evaluation is used to evaluate percentile/percentage

Assessment and evaluation are same or not

Generally assessment and evaluation are same thing because in assessment process collection of data is important but evaluation process is used to collect the data with the interpretation and analyzation of the data that’s why we can say that both are same but actually both are different terms in education.

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