What is Curriculum development model and it's types

What is Curriculum Model

The diagrammatic representation of different elements/stages of curriculum and their relationship to each other is called curriculum model.


Definition of curriculum development model

Usually models are abstract it means they exist as draft in the minds of people’s. Models of curriculum development are very useful in the task of theory building process (Sharma;2003). Models of curriculum are used to transfer theories into practical work. They are used as a tools to help people’s to think about curriculum inorder to stimulate their research and formulate new theoretical concepts.

Models of curriculum development

There is a sequence of curriculum development models

1 – Objectives/Rational Models

(I) Tyler Model

(II) Taba Model

2 – Cyclical/Rational Models

(I) Wheeler Model

(II) Nicholls Model

3 – Dynamic/Interaction Models

(I) Walker Model

(II) Skilbeck Model

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