How do I create my own website

How do I create my own website ?

Assalam o Alaikum guys! If you are looking the answer of the question how do i create my own website for free then you can read this post till the end because I will tell you how to make your own website with low and high budget. If you want to make a website for your business purpose then I think you have need to buy a domain name related to your business name so that your website look like a professional website. If you want to Create your own blog website to earn money online then you can buy a cheap domain that will be sufficient for your website.

How can I create my own website 

There is another thing that is necessary to buy if you want to make business website that is Hosting Plan or Hosting but if you want to make a website to earn money online by writing articles then I will recommend you to create website on that is Google platform. Using you can build a free website because at blogger you don’t need to buy hosting plan but domain is necessary to buy.

Last thing that is also necessary to design a website is template or theme. There are many templates freely available but I will suggest you the paid version of template because there are many useful features available in premium theme as compare to free theme. Free version of template contains footer caredit and is useful for those peoples that can not afford premium version of template but if you are able to buy premium version of template then well and good. There are many different types of templates for different categories of websites so try to use template that describe your website category clearly.
For example if you want to make an educational website then you can use simple template same as Sora SEO if you are using blogger to make website and if you want to make website on wordpress then you can use Astra theme.If you want to make online store then you can use Soracart blogger template and Savoy or Shopkeeper wordpress themes.

What is difference between domain and hosting ?

Domain name is known as the address of website that helps the people to find the website on different browsers.

Examples;,, and etc

Domain name is very important to build a website because without best and unique domain name website is worthless. For example If anyone wants to visit my website then he will type my website domain name or my website address K4learning then my website will appear and he can visit my website easily. Same as if anyone wants to visit YouTube on Google then he will search YouTube address on Google then YouTube website will appear and he can watch videos on it.

Hosting is known as storage device such as SD Card and USB where the files are stored.

Hosting function in website is same the function of harddrive or harddisk in computer. Files in which documents,pdf, videos and articles are included store in website hosting same as they store in computer harddisk.

What is the importance of web templates ?

The role of template in website is to produce and generate website pages at fast speed.

Templates are the beauty of website because they make the website good looking and attractive so that people can visit the website frequently. If you don’t use the best template then users face difficulty to visit the website and leave the web page due to which website ranking become useless. Templates help the web developer or designer to create a website in short time because they reduce the time requirements for a website designing. Templates are very useful for those peoples that do not know web language and want to create your own website then they can easily create a website using these already prepared templates and the process that they use to design a website is called drage and drop web designing process.

There are many different types of website templates that are available free so that if anyone that can not afford the paid version of template also able to create your own website. In short website beauty depend on the template used. These templates are made using different types of computer languages such as HTML, JavaScript,C++ and python etc and perform action when instructions are provide.

What is the most popular website maker ?

There are many different types of website builders such as Webley,Wix, GoDaddy etc but I will recommend you to use and wordpress website builder.

How do I create my own website on blogger ?

If you want to make website on blogger then first of all buy a domain name and template and then search on Google or chrome browser,

• Now click on domain
• Now login in blogger using Gmail account
• Now click on create a blog button
• Enter blog website name
• Click on next button
• Now enter your required blogger domain name
• Now click on next button
• Your blog website is ready

When your website become ready on blogger then click on three dash to select menu. When you click on three dash menu will appear then click on setting button and make following settings,

• Write website discription
• Write search discription
• Add custom domain name
• Add custom robot txt
• Enable custom robot tags
• Upload icon known as favicon
• Public your website

After setting click on them menu and upload your own theme on blogger and then click on layout to customize the template,

• Click on theme button
• Now click on upload button
• Upload your template
• Click on layout
• Now customize your website
The final step is to submit your website in Google search console,
• Search Google search console on Google
• Sign in Google search console using same email
• Now add your website address
• Now submit your website sitemap
• Now click on URL inspection
• Inspect your website domain and post URL

How to I create my own website on wordpress ?

If you want to make website on wordpress then first of all buy domain name and hosting plan,

• Search wordpress in Google
• Now install WordPress on hosting and domain name
• Install plugins
• Install template on your website
• Customize your wordpress website
• Now add posts and pages in website
• Now submit your website in Google search console

I hope you will learn some information about website development process.

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