Relationship Between Curriculum and Instructions

Relationship Between Curriculum and Instructions



The educational material or content taught at the educational institute or in a course or program is called Curriculum.


According to Doll (1996) the Curriculum of the educational institute is formal and informal Content and process by which learners or Students gain knowledge,improve skills, and alter recognition, attitudes, and values under the influence of that institute.


Those activities that the instructor or teacher under takes to enhance learner or student learning.

How is Curriculum related to Instructions ?

The relationship between curriculum and instructions is same as the relationship between content and learning process and plane and implementations. The curriculum is information and knowledge and instruction is a way to deliver this information and knowledge to the students. There is very important relationship between curriculum and instruction because curriculum refers what is taught and instruction refers how it is taught.

Curriculum and instructions can be consideration of as different, but interrelated, entities.This means that although there is difference between curriculum and instructions functions but the effects of decisions in curriculum affect decisions in the instructions and vice versa.

Curriculum development system and instructional system

Curriculum development system and instructional system

Curriculum development system

It consists of those people’s that are known as curriculum developers. Curriculum developers select and arrange educational content from the available content (cultural) in the form of desired learning outcomes.

Instructional development system

The people’s those make instructions on the base of teaching strategies that enables students to attain the acctual knowledge so that they learn the intended outcomes are called instructional planners and the system is called instructional development system.

Models of the curriculum and instruction relationship

There are following three models of curriculum-instruction relationship,

A- Dualistic Model

Curriculum and instruction are same as two entities means that curriculum and instructions can be seen as two separate organisations or institutes.

B- Concentric Model

Curriculum and instructions are mutually independent to each other. Instructions is a subsystem of  Curriculum with curriculum control instruction.

C- Cyclical Model

Curriculum and instructions leave continuous impact on each other. Curriculum makes an impact on instruction and instruction makes an impact on curriculum.

First of all curriculum decisions are made and then instructions decisions are made and later curriculum decisions are modified after being evaluated in educational institution.

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